Summer Camp!

Thinking of quitting uni after this year and working at PGL for a year or so (PGL is a summer camp) 

Uni isn’t going well. My mental health is not up to it, as I read somewhere the other day ‘Having depression is a full time job’ and it really is!! Can’t cope with uni, but I do really want a job/to make money. Always been interested in working at PGL, I went twice as a child and loved it! And I love being outdoors, and think it’ll be really good for me. Hopefully I can get in *fingers crossed*



For the best four days of my life (not really but nearly) 

Off to spend a long weekend with the boyfriend in a few hours! 🙂 Words cannot express my feelings right now. So darn happy! God I need my best friend! ❤


Not my day!

Although i’m actually in a pretty good mood/having a good day, I am sure that it isn’t my day today!

Exhibit A: Signed up for our strongman class at the box, was super excited about it, spent all morning watching previous open videos, fantasizing about becoming strong/er, text boyfriend telling him I was going. Got there. Lee (coach): ‘You’re a bit late aren’t you?’ Turns out I read it wrong and was an hour late (the class is an hour long..) Lee found this hilarious. 

It was fine! I stayed and did some strength – front squats 7×5 at 30kg

Exhibit B: Came home after the front squats, went back to gym an hour later for the gymnastics class (I was on time!) During, we did a WOD which involved 100m run. During the second round, was just finishing my run when I spotted James’ (another coach) beautiful husky in his car. I fell. Everyone was super nice asking if I was okay to which James (who was my partner during this wod) replied ‘she was distracted by my dog and fell..’ paha! It didn’t hurt too much, was a tad embarrassing but I carried on 🙂 But I ripped my favourite workout trousers 😦 I grazed my knee (which is fine, it’s not too bad) but that ripped my leggings 😥

I know, i’m hilarious. 

Wonder if i’ll get an ‘exhibit C, D or E’ today 😉

Will post my workout after I’ve got some food! 🙂



I also did 14.2, but we all know which one of these things is more important 😉 hehe!

Baby. I’ve mentioned him before; he’s the cutest damn thing in the world!! And his mums lovely too! It was just me and his mum today at the box, doing 14.2, the buba’s only 3 months? so cries alot and likes cuddles so the coach was holding him whilst we were stretching, then he passed him to me!! I don’t think i’ve ever held a baby before, I wasn’t sure what to do! But he seemed to like it because he stopped crying and started giggling at me 🙂 I think he likes me! 

Well, down to the WOD hehe 14.2

3 mins: 

10 OHS (I did them with a pvc pipe, which i’m a tad ashamed of, but screw it! My coach told me to and they’re really focused on form, I could squat with weight, but I wouldn’t have been able to get through the round in 3 mins, what’s the point in that?)

CTB pull ups (From a box)

3 mins:

12 OHS

12 CTB pullups

Then 14 of each, 16, etc.

I got 7 rounds 16 OHS squats, which i’m happy with! I got to the 16s. 

This is the nearest i’ve ever come to crying during a WOD.. I’m not really sure why (I hate pullups) but during the pullups I really thought I was going to! Ha. >< Really shows just how frigging amazing crossfit athletes are. That was super tough and I was doing it with a pvc pipe!

For those of you that don’t know. Crossfit is a sport that I do which is; Cardio, Weight lifting and gymnastics.

Once a year they hold the ‘Crossfit games’ which is split into 3 sections? The open (which anyone can enter) Regionals, then the actual games. This workout was the second open of this year, they release them every week for 5 weeks. Okay, i’ll stop talking, if you want to know more, go to their website 🙂 games.crossfit.com

Off to a lecture now (Yes, I do go to uni haha) Seeya later 🙂